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About Us

​Welcome to Big Dog Little Dog Bakery!

We are a dog bakery, but we also carry all your needs for your furry friends - food and supplies for DOGS and CATS (don't forget the Meow-crowd!). We carry a large selection of raw food, and the best selection of freeze-dried, dehydrated, canned, and dry food.

It is our goal to provide you and your dogs with the healthiest choices that are available on the market today - from the tastiest treats that we bake, to the healthiest food, to the best supplies at the most reasonable prices possible. We are very knowledgeable about allergies, diet limitations, and training tools and methods. Come see us to experience our great customer service!

Our Story:

Big Dog Little Dog Bakery started from a need to find all natural healthy food and treats for our beloved dog, Maddie (Belgian Malinois X). Maddie was adopted in 1999 at 8 years old; she had pancreatitis, arthritis, bad teeth, bad breath, and a dull, rough coat. Maddie had been on a gastro dry food before we adopted her. We tried to switch her over to our other dog Austin’s (Husky Lab X) dry food, but she showed an intolerance for all dry food.

We decided to research to find out if we could help Maddie and formulated recipes that Maddie could not only tolerate, but that she LOVED to eat! Our BDLDB Gourmet Doggie Dinners were formulated for Maddie, with the help of Dr. George Foukal – founding veterinarian of North Burnaby Veterinary Hospital. Maddie thrived on Gourmet Doggie Dinners, raw food, BDLDB treats, and supplements.

Both Maddie and Austin have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Maddie lived to be a ripe old age of 18.5 years and Austin to 16 years. They had happy and healthy lives right to the very end...

RIP sweet Maddie and Austin <3.

Hours of Operation:

​Sunday-Monday: 11am-5pm

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

Closed on all statutory holidays.

Contact Info:

Phone: 604-299-3644